Royal Air Forces Association Belgian Branch

 Editor’s Note:  in parallel with developments in the Branch Newsletter, this new Tab is designed to help members to informally share information and/or to seek contact with old colleagues. Fred Dascombe is getting the ball rolling with the invitation below.  If you can provide information, or if you have a query or item of interest of your own, please let us know via the  ‘Contact Us’ link and we will publish on the website.

  On 25 May 14, Fred Dascombe (Belgian Branch member) wrote:  in June 1944, I was a member of N° 122 (Mustang) Wing which took part in the Normandy Landings.  I would be very interested to know of any other member of the Belgian Branch who participated in this campaign.

On 5 Jun 14, his daughter Micheline provided the following additional information from her father:  fulfilling it's role of "close support" to the 21st Army Group, N°122 Wing made it's way from Normandie through to Germany, reaching Fassberg Airfield a few days before VE-day.  Subsequently, the Wing moved-on into Denmark, completing a journey of some 5400 kms, through six countries.