Royal Air Forces Association Belgian Branch


 The text below is a composite extract drawn from the Administrative Handbook of the RAFA

The Council of the Association (normally referred to as the Central Council) is the governing body of the Association. The Members of the Council are Charity Trustees in relation to the central funds and activities of the Association. The Council elects an Executive Board following Annual Conference biennially.  The Executive Board may determine that sub-committees may be formed from time to time to deal with particular issues

The Council shall include the following: 

(a)  The President of the Association, the Treasurer of the Association and the Chairman of the Council; 

(b)  Eight members elected at the Annual Conference who shall be known as the Elected Members who shall hold office for a period of two years from the conclusion of the Annual Conference at which they were elected; 

(c)  One member nominated by each Area Council who shall be known as an Area Representative Member; 

Subject to the provisions of the Charter and of the Rules, the Council shall have the management and control of the affairs of the Association and the administration of all property and income thereof with power to delegate, subject to such instructions, reservations or restrictions as it may think fit, any of its powers to the Executive or other committee appointed from amongst its number or otherwise constituted for the purpose. 

 The Council shall have the power to appoint a Secretary General of the Association who shall undertake such duties as the Council may direct. 

Under the direction of the Secretary General, the staff of the Headquarters of the Association deals with the routine administration of the Association and acts as the Secretariat to the Council of the Association, the Executive Board and any sub-committees that have been formed at the request of the Executive.   Headquarters staff also deal with the organisation and administration of Annual Conference as well as for other functions and events on a national scale.

Election of RAFA Central Council Members - 2014

For 2014, there were 12 nominations for the 8 elected posts on Central Council.  In accordance with the Administrative Handbook, election shall be by a postal ballot of Branches prior to Conference, with the results announced at Conference.  

Candidates’ CVs, election statements and photographs were circulated with the hard copies of the January edition of Air Mail (NB that the Belgian Branch Chairman is a candidate).   Since any candidate nominated as an Area Representative to Council would be ineligible for selection as an elected member of Council, Ballot Papers will be issued to all RAFA Branches on 26 Mar 14 following the last of the United Kingdom Area Conferences.  Branches will be invited to vote for up to 8 candidates and to return the Ballot Papers to CHQ by 12 May 14.

Central Council Meetings 

Minutes of the meeting of Central Council held on 14 Dec 13 are available here 

Minutes of the meeting of Central Council held on 19 Oct 13 are available here