Royal Air Forces Association Belgian Branch

Quarterly (Trimestriel) Belgian Branch Newsletters were started in 1983 to provide a cost-effective way of sharing information with members.  

We hold copies of all Newsletters apart from Numbers 1, 25, 27 and 31.  See here for summary of Newsletter number and dates.

See the Records Branch Newsletter Tab for Newsletters from 2012 onwards. At present it is not possible due to the size of the files and the limitations of the website to give users direct access to copies of earlier editions. However we can email a copy of the pdf version to you.  Please 'Contact Us' NB please let us know if you can fill any gaps.

Use the 'Information Finder' spreadsheets to identify which Newsletters contain what information and to search under the headings of: Obituaries, Memorials, Organisations, People, Branch Events. 

Prior to 1983, and reaching back to the foundation of the Branch in 1947, information was shared in an ad hoc fashion, and very little has survived.  Those few items that we have captured for this Branch Archive are included under the 'Chronological' Tab.

If you have information to share, please 'Contact Us'.   


Extract from Newsletter 62 - Circus 178 - the air battle of 1 and 2 Jun 1942

Extract from Newsletter 79 - The Great Escape from Stalag Luft III

Extract from Newsletters 82 and 83 - The Theatre Society - Stalag Luft III and Afterwards

Extract from Newsletter 104 - My Last Combat

 Newsletter 104                Oct - Dec 2011

 Newsletter 103                 Jul - Sep 2011

 Newsletter 102                 Apr - Jun 2011

 Newsletter 101                 Jan - Mar 2011